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Bombay Release Date: The film Bombay, directed by Sanjay Niranjan and produced by Firdous Shaikh, has finally got a Release date. Furthermore, we have also given the Release date along with other details like the cast and crew of the film below.

We’ve also included some of the entertainers in film who don’t really get the spotlight, like editors, cinematographers, and others. These people are generally rejected and not seen by anyone but because of them the film becomes quite good. So we must check out a portion of those names and the much-awaited Bombay Release date.

‘Bombay” is a thriller Indian crime film, booked for release on October 13, 2023. Directed by a capable producer, the film promises to be a gripping tale of intrigue and mystery that delves into the depths of the hidden world of the city. With a stellar star cast like Gaavi Chahal, Deepshikha Nagpal, Danish Muhammad Ishaq Bhat and Ashish Warang, “Bombay” is set to be a realistic encounter like no other film.

Bombay 2023 Full Movie Download Free HD

Release Date; 13 October 2023
Language; Hindi
Dubbed In; Telugu, Kannada, Marathi
Genre; Action, Crime, Drama
Cast; Gavie Chahal, Deepshikha Nagpal, Danish Bhatt, Ganesh Pai, Vandana Lalwani, Jassi Singh, Deepak Bhatia, Pradeep Kabra, Himmat Mav, Akshita Agnihotri, Pari Mirza, Ashish Warang, Neelima Mishra
Director; Sanjay Niranjan
Writer; Sanjay Niranjan
Cinematography; Ratnesh Kumar, S. Pappu
producer; Firdous Shaikh
production; Sanam Productions India

Bombay 2023 Full Movie Download Free HD

He directs his practice with his trusted gangsters, Nana, Tatya and Sherry. Whatever the case, Nana has harbored desires to take the crown and take the top spot, Ware. The story of Weir’s ruthlessness and misrepresentation in the hidden world of how the police controlled the Posse is the primary story of the film. How could they try to stop the group? Also, did they try to stop Weir? To know the answers to these many questions, we will have to wait for the release of the film.

With its dirty and understated depiction of the criminal hidden world, “Bombay” vows to keep the crowd as curious and intrigued as possible as it examines the themes of force, credibility and betrayal. The film’s stellar cast including Deepshikha Nagpal, Danish Muhammad Ishaq Bhat and Ashish Warang are sure to deliver solid performances that will enliven this dull and complex tale.

The story of “Bombay” revolves around Ulas Mhatre, played by Gavi Chahal, an influential and strange hidden world leader who runs his criminal circle with an iron fist. Ullas relies on a group of trusted partners including Nana, Sherry and the troubled Tatya. Whatever the case, the balance of his criminal world is broken when Tatya suddenly disappears leaving a fog of insecurity and distrust.

Bombay 2023 Full Movie Download Free HD


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Bombay movie will be released on 13 October 2023. The film was composed and coordinated by Sanjay Niranjan and produced by Firdous Shaikh. The film is about the gathering of a hidden world where dissatisfaction, dishonesty and desire are inherent. The head of the hidden world organization is Ulas Mhatre and he carries out all the wrongdoings and criminal activities in the city.

Bombay 2023 Full Movie Download Free HD

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“Bombay” isn’t just another misguided thrill ride; The true-to-life venture delves deep into the moral and ethical issues faced by its characters, making it a stimulating and engaging experience for the crowd. As the Release date approaches, fans of the gritty and engaging tale are eagerly anticipating the revelation of the hidden inside facts of the city of “Bombay”.

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