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In Chief Karan Boolani’s humorous and sometimes extended satire, “Thank You for Coming,” one man says firmly, “more than two-thirds of women don’t reach orgasm because 90% of men don’t know how to.” come.” Go.” Co-composed by Radhika Anand and Prashasti Singh and driven by star Bhumi Pednekar’s lively comedic delivery, this tale about growing up reads like a fairytale — or a very long episode of “Sex and the City,” Though even more akin to TBS. Aired for streamlined adaptations. For a film focused on sex and subtle female orgasms, there’s a lot more talk about sex on screen than actual sex.

Thank You for Coming Reviews

That’s because the film isn’t really about sex, as we follow Pednekar’s adventurous Kanika Kapoor from her growing up experience to her most memorable climax – at the age of 32, as the film uses this excursion to To study cultural beliefs and men. Controlled society. To find out the effect of customs on occasion. Even more so, the satisfaction of women in India.

Thank You for Coming Movie 2023 Download Free Full HD 720p

Release Date; 6 October 2023
Language; Hindi
Genre; Comedy
Duration; 1h 56min
Cast; Anil Kapoor, Bhumi Pednekar, Shehnaaz Gill, Shibani Bedi, Natasha Rastogi, Kusha Kapila, Karan Kundrra, Dolly Singh
Director; Karan Boolani
Writer; Radhika Anand, Prashasti Singh
producer; Anil Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor
production; Anil Kapoor Film Company

Thank You for Coming Movie 2023 Download Free Full HD 720p

Kanika, the little daughter of an unmarried gynecologist, was destined to live outside. At every stage of life, she ignores the pretense of how a legitimate young woman should behave, though as an adult she experiences the same insatiable longing for something else – for status. Real sexual satisfaction – which most romantic comedies cause discomfort to adventurous women.


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Thank You for Coming Movie 2023 Download Free Full HD 720p


As a child, she intervenes in a school fantasy rivalry to explain to her coworkers how sex works and is then approached by school officials to apologize for it. Due to the constant help of her mother and grandmother, Kanika continues to take the upscale path as an independent woman. She concludes that her princess will kiss a lot of frogs – and lie down with them – to find the ideal Mr. Perfect. As a teenager, she sleeps with her most memorable girlfriend. As a student, she lies with one of her teachers. In her twenties, she wasted almost 10 years in a stressful relationship with a man with responsibility problems.

By the age of 30, she has concluded, confessing to her BFFs Pallavi (Kart Singh) and Tina (Shibani Bedi) that the problem is, that she has never had an orgasm. A blissful night at her D’Ella’s “Inglorious 32nd Birthday” ends with an existential emergency in the women’s bathroom when her pre-arranged date brings D’Ella her own date: a much younger woman. When a similar young woman suggests that the best sex is when you are with someone who loves you more than she loves you, Kanika decides to marry her partner in life (Pradhum Singh Shopping Center), who is a Is an easy money manager. , There was deep interest in it.

In any case, things turn bad when Kanika gets drunk at her commitment party, plays with all her exes and blacks out, only to wake up the next morning and realize that That she’s finally been able to do the big O. Unable to find out who her real partner was, she decides to find out the mystery with the help of her dearest companions. The entire first hour is required to explain what the main purpose of the film is, and considering that it reveals so much about Kanika, it makes “Thank You for Coming” longer than it needs to be. Pulls.

Thank You for Coming Reviews
Thank You for Coming

As Kanika reunites with her past partners, their romantic stories are not typically presented through the rose-tinted prism of sentimentality. Instead of defiant sentiment, there is a past filled with hurt. In middle school, she was embarrassed by her teenage boyfriend and his peers. At school, she was one of the many little kids who were attracted to her pretentious teacher. At twenty, his fear of responsibility for his beloved was more personal than he ever imagined. These revelations prompt Kanika to re-examine herself, leading the film towards its unremarkable conclusion.

Apart from Kanika’s journey as a women’s activist and sexual self-acceptance, the film also includes scenes of Pallavi’s daughter Rabeya (Saloni Daini) as she grows up. The film is at its best when it examines intergenerational female power, and how female companionship and perseverance are the way to destroy a male-controlled society. By refusing to marry the father of her child, Kanika’s mother laid the groundwork on which Kanika and her peers prospered with new sexual freedom, but when Rabeya faced infamy, she felt burdened by societal norms. Started bowing. Although this closeness is the personal focal point of the film and takes Kanika to perhaps her darkest moment, it remains immature, just waiting at the edges of the film.

Despite the fact that “Thank You for Coming” is filled with so much plot and such a large number of characters, director Boolani manages to capture Kanika’s reality with dazzling visuals, dynamic transitions, a crazy soundtrack and strong rodent-like exchanges. Has been brought back to life again. He films parties – which invariably involve a modest set of unruly but synchronized group hits – on the dance floor with rich, bright lighting and fluid, music video-style cinematography.

Constantly the focal point of the cover, Pednekar is practically stunning as she walks in and surprises many throughout the evening. In any case, she balances her hitting beauty with the same kind of effortless screwball power that turned incredibly beautiful entertainers like Carole Lombard or Goldie Hawn into satirical stars.

Thank You for Coming Movie 2023 Download Free Full HD 720p


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The biggest flaw of “Thank You for Coming” is that Anand and Singh’s material attempts to handle an excessive number of topical issues, ultimately overcompensating for most of them. Nonetheless, considering that there is some essential message of female perseverance and self-acceptance at the center of the film, it is challenging to deny the importance of Pednekar’s tremendous appeal and strength.

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